JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC has experience since 1993, and will quickly respond with a brief informative letter and a questionnaire to assist you to gather information needed to create your estate documents – a Will and Powers of Attorney, perhaps even a Trust Agreement. Failure to prepare in advance of need means additional cost, confusion, and emotional pain for those you love

Draft a will or trust with JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC in Columbus and Central, Ohio

Draft a will or trust with JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC in Columbus and Central, Ohio

Do you have an estate plan in place? If you don’t, you could be putting your family’s future at risk. Don’t take any chances—contact JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC for a will or trust. Mr. James has more than two decades of experience handling estate planning matters. He’ll work with you to choose the best estate planning option for your needs. He can also compile all necessary paperwork to establish powers of attorney.

When you work with Mr. James, you’ll have the opportunity to dictate how you’d like your belongings and assets to be distributed upon your death. Make sure your loved ones are taken care of by contacting JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC for an estate planning appointment.

Estate planning services in Columbus and Central Ohio

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC can help you plan for the future. In order to draft your will or trust, Mr. James will need an overview of your assets, including:

  • Car titles
  • Deeds
  • Bank accounts
  • Stocks
  • Bonds

Once he gets an idea of the size of your estate and any debts associated with it, Mr. James will start drafting the necessary paperwork. Jump-start the planning process by calling JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC at 614-439-4755.


Quick turnaround after needed data is received

Whether rich or poor, like an English noble you own an estate – you own property.

Concerning Powers of Attorney

If you suffer serious injury or illness, you may need help to manage your property. The least expensive way to do this is to have previously created a DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY in which you appointed a sequence of trustworthy persons to manage your financial affairs.

Similarly, if you cannot manage your health care, you ought to have previously created a LIVING WILL and a DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE. Appoint a sequence of persons to make decisions for your best interests, including end-of-life decisions.

You must create these before the injury or illness – afterwards may be too late. The ugly alternative is the large expense, delay, and bother of a court-supervised guardianship.

Concerning Trusts

TRUSTS are useful for many purposes. Good reasons to create them include long-term money management for young beneficiaries who otherwise inherit at merely eighteen; money management for remarried couples and their descendants; other purposes as well!

Concerning a Last Will and Testament

A LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT is the foundation of an “estate plan.” Not only do you nominate a sequence of persons to manage your final earthly affairs, but you can waive bond (avoid its expense), empower them to do things that otherwise require time and expense to acquire court approval, nominate persons who live outside Ohio, allocate your property as an inheritance to your chosen beneficiaries, and make gifts to charities-of-your-choosing. If you fail to create a Will, non-Ohioans cannot serve. This may be unfortunate and add expense for your family.