Loved One Die? Need Legal Help?

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If you’ve lost a loved one and need legal help with a probate matter, contact JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC. Mr. James has served the probate law needs of Columbus and Central Ohio residents since 1993 and can guide you through the probate process. If you’ve been charged with settling an estate, he will assist you and make sure the will is executed as the deceased intended. If you run into any disputes over property or assets, Mr. James will represent you in court and fight to preserve the wishes of the deceased.

Mr. James is always available to answer any of your probate law questions. He is available to answer your probate law questions. Contact him at JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC 614-439-4755, or at today.

Probate Costs

Currently average less than a thousand dollars for a decedent’s estate IF it qualifies for a “Release from Administration” process. Cost could be less, or a little more.

A Survivng Spouse especially might benefit from a Release from Administration procedure.

Most estates require a “Full Administration” approach, with higher cost but billed at an hourly rate rather than as a percentage of the value of decedent’s property as is sometimes permitted in non-urban counties. It is not our intent to be “profiteers.”

In all cases, JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC provides a report to you as to what was done and why.

Mr. James will guide you through the probate process

Mr. James will guide you through the probate process

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC has provided quality representation to Columbus and Central Ohio residents in need of a probate law attorney since 1993. Mr. James can:

  • Help you handle an estate left without assets to pay debt
  • Negotiate property disputes
  • Advise you in a dispute over who should be making power of attorney decisions
  • Interpret ambiguous wording in the will

Call JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC at 614-439-4755 to schedule a consultation.