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Faraid is the section of Islamic law that deals with estate planning. Based on the Quran, Faraid law tends to follow the word of the Prophet Muhammad:

“Give the appointed portions to those entitled to them. Then whatever remains is for the nearest male.”

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC will help you work within the confines of the Islamic law of inheritance and make sure all of your loved ones are properly cared for. Mr. James can advise you on the estate planning process and draft legally binding documents that take priority over the Faraid if necessary. Learn more about the Islamic estate planning process by contacting JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC.



Shari’ah Compliant Estate Planning in the context of Ohio law.

You absolutely must understand that Islamic rules of inheritance will not be implemented in Ohio unless you create a written and legally enforceable plan to implement them. For the vast part, you can do so.

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC is familiar with the requirements of Faraid and can compose an inheritance plan for almost all Muslims. We are also familiar with the Ohio inheritance laws that pose a risk to your goal of a traditional Islamic inheritance plan, and can help you avoid those risks.

Implementation of an Islamic inheritance plan should not be much different than administration of a typical Ohio plan.

Naturally, we can create an inheritance plan typical of non-Muslim residents of Ohio.

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Avoid disputes by using an attorney familiar with Ohio probate law and the requirements of Faraid Law

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC in Columbus and Central Ohio understands that, when it comes to Islamic estate planning and probate law, there are a different set of rules. Distribution of your estate, whether under Faraid or because of a will or trust, should be protected by Shariah Law. This law is designed to prevent family disputes. If you do find yourself stuck in a legal battle over a deceased family member’s estate, Mr. James will work with you and make sure their final wishes are carried out appropriately.

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