How to Obtain Adult Guardianship in Columbus and Central Ohio

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC can guide you through the legal process

It is difficult to watch a loved one who lacks the ability to care for themselves try to manage their own affairs. If you are able and willing to take over their care, contact JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC. Mr. James has assisted Columbus-area residents with adult guardianship issues since 1993. He’ll make sure you’re fully informed of the responsibilities involved in this undertaking and walk you through the legal process necessary to make it happen. If granted guardianship, you’ll be charged with the full-time care of the individual in question, and you’ll be responsible for making all of their financial and medical decisions.

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Hire an adult guardianship attorney in Columbus and Central Ohio

When you’re in need of a lawyer to handle an adult guardianship matter, contact JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC. Mr. James understands how difficult it can be to watch a loved one suffer. Seriously ill, injured or aging individuals can have trouble:

  • Using the bathroom
  • Brushing their teeth
  • Handling their finances
  • Running errands
  • Accomplishing other basic tasks

You can petition for adult guardianship and take over their care. Contact JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC to learn more.

A “heart-breaking” necessity for our seriously ill, injured, or aging population.

When our loved ones can no longer cook, bathe, clean their home, clean themselves, get dressed, run errands, etc., something must be done to care for them. Sometimes we can care for them in our own home – sometimes not. What is always needed is someone with legal authority to oversee their finances, their living arrangements, and their health care. In Ohio, this person is called a “Guardian,” whether of their estate (their property) or their bodily needs (their person), or both. It is a hard reality.

JAMES LEGAL SERVICES, LLC has assisted other persons facing your difficult circumstances. We can also help you.